My Academic Background

I started my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. My thesis there was about “Vibration Analysis Of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Beams Using The Third Order Shear Deformation Theory”, which was a problem in Elasticity and Shear Deformation Theory . You can find a summary of my thesis here.

After that due to my old passion in mathematics, I started another bachelor in Mathematics with a focus on Pure Mathematics. In my thesis, I was working on Banach Spaces and properties of a sub-space of it called “Infinite Dimensional Banach Spaces” which is a branch of Functional Analysis.

I started my grad studies in the Harmonic Analysis Group of the Mathematics Department Of UBC where I could find answer of many of my questions related to my research in Banach Space Theory. After working there for 9 months, I continued my study in the Fluid Mechanics Lab of the Institute Of Applied Mathematics. My thesis was about “Effect of Geometry On The Behavior Of Steady Newtonian Fluid In a Multiply Connected Domain” which was a problem in Chaotic Advection. You can find a copy of my thesis here.