2014 Training Week 7 (16/06/2014 to 22/06/2014)

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had two runs and one swim activities this week. On Wednesday (18/06) I had a Running Room 10K run with (ave. pace, ave. heart rate) equals (5:04 min/km, 169 bpm). On Saturday (21/06) I had a 1.5 km lap swimming with average pace about 2:10 min/km. Again according to this article, that swim was equals with a moderate 6K run. On Sunday (22/06) I had a 13K run with (ave. pace, ave. heart rate) equals (4:57 min/km, 174 bpm).

161710K run19201.5K Lap Swimming13K run23.0 km Run 1.5 km Swim

My weekly mileage

My weekly mileage this week was 23.0 km run and 1.5 km swim. Therefore my weekly total was equals with 29 km of running. Comparing it with last week’s weekly total activities (42 km of running), I had a 30.95 % decrease in my weekly mileage which is reasonable because last week’s weekly mileage was a little bit too much for me at this stage of my training.

Comparing activities to see my improvement

Comparing the activities to see my improvement during past two weeks is a little bit difficult at this stage due to lack of relevant information (so far I have just 5 activities with heart rate data in them).

But if we compare my activity on 11/06 which is (10K, 5:05 min/km, 177 bpm, elevation gain 182m) with my activity on 22/06 which is (13K, 4:57 min/km, 174 bpm, elevation gain 97m) we can see even though I had less effort in the second activity (174 bpm vs 177 bpm) and the length of my run was also longer in the second activity (13K vs 10K), my average pace improved by 0:08 min/km (4:57 min/km vs 5:05 min/km).

Elevation gain is the only factor which was harder in the first activity compared to the second activity (182 m vs 97 m). We can assume the last factor (elevation gain) would balance the first two factors (length of activity and average heart rate) so for comparing two activities we can just compare pace of two activities. If we do so, we can observe a 2.6 % improvement in just 11 days which is not bad.