2014 Training Week 10 (07/07/2014 to 13/07/2014)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 3 run and 3 swim activities in this week. On Monday (07/07) I had a 10K race with the following averages: (10.01K , 4:45 min/km, 180 bpm). On Tuesday (08/07) I had a 1.5 km swimming with average pace 1:45 min/100m. On Wednesday (09/07) I had a Running Room 10.56K run with the following averages: (10.56 K, 4:53 min/km, 172 bpm, 99 m elevation gain). On Friday (11/07) I had a 1.5 km swimming with average pace 1:42 min/100m. On Saturday (12/07) I had a 1.5 km lap swimming with average pace 2:19 min/km. Finally on Sunday (13/07) I had a Running Room 18.67 K run with the following averages: (18.67 K, 5:26 min/km, 157 bpm, 136 m elevation gain).

10K Race1.5K Lap Swimming11K run101.5K Lap Swimming1.5K Lap SwimmingLong 19K run39.2 km Run 4.50 km Swim

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday) activities were (50, 50, 50) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 39.2 km run and 4.5 km swim.

Comparing activities to see my improvement

In order to see my improvement this week, I want to compare two activities, one on 09/07 with the following averages: (10.56 K, 4:53 min/km, 172 bpm, 99m elevation gain) and the other on 22/06 with the following averages: (13.01 K, 4:57 min/km, 174 bpm, 97m elevation gain). I assume the harder effort (174 bpm vs 172 bpm) and easier elevation gain (97m vs 99m) of the second run would balance it’s longer distance (13.01K vs 10.56K) when comparing those two runs with each other.

Therefore in order to see my improvement, I can just compare the average pace in one run with the average pace in the other. That means I had 00:04 min/km i.e. 1.34% improvement in 17 days. Therefore not a significant improvement in past two weeks. As we all know, running improvement comes in sudden, therefore we might not observe a significant change in our pace for a certain period of time, but all of a sudden we’ll observe a jump in our speed which shows our hard effort during that period of time.

New 10K record on Monday (07/07)

The Ave. pace was supposed to be 4:50 but it ended up to 4:45. It was almost a flat race , but it still had a few hills.