2014 Training Week 14 (04/08/2014 to 10/08/2014)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had three run activities in this week. On Monday (04/08) I had a 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:13 min/km, 165 bpm, 24m elevation gain). On Saturday (09/08) I had another 10K run with the following averages: (10.00 K, 4:36 min/km, 182 bpm, 36m elevation gain). Finally on Sunday (10/08) I had a Running Room 25.63 K run with the following averages: (25.63 K, 5:31 min/km, 158 bpm, 144m elevation gain). It was actually an incomplete group run  for me due to the fact that I burned out almost at the end of the run.

10K run567810K runLong 26K run45.6 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Saturday, Sunday) activities were (NA, 50, 50) ml/kg/min respectively. This week I noticed something interesting. Also my weekly mileage this week was 45.6 km run.