2014 Training Week 19 (08/09/2014 to 14/09/2014)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had four run and one paddle boarding trip in this week. On Wednesday (10/09) I had a Running Room speed run 4×800 with the following averages: (5.76 K, 4:47 min/km, 163 bpm, 6m elevation gain). On Thursday (11/09) I had an incomplete 7K run that I stopped the run because of a sudden severe pain in the lower right side of my stomach. The 7K run had the following averages: (6.75 K, 5:09 min/km, 155 bpm, 36m elevation gain). On Friday (12/09) I had again another incomplete 4K run that I stopped the run due to the pain that I experienced in the same region. The 4K run had the following averages: (3.18 K, 5:09 min/km, 152 bpm, 22m elevation gain). On Saturday (13/09) I had 21.22K run (half marathon) with the following averages: (21.22 K, 5:06 min/km, 164 bpm, 100m elevation gain). On Sunday (14/09) I had a paddle boarding trip in False Creek Vancouver.

89Speed run 4×800Easy 7K runEasy 4K runHalf MarathonPaddle Boarding False Creek36.9 km Run one Paddle Boarding Trip

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) activities were (NA, 52, 53, 53) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 36.9 km run and one paddle boarding trip.

About individual runs

On Wednesday (10/09): Enjoyed happy run at running room. Also last day of Michael in Vancouver , he is back to London; Good luck for him! I had a few days rest because of the backache (which was obviously because of the intense activity I had during 6 days included one hills run, a new record for my half marathon , another 30 km run and a 1500m swim). Because I didn’t have swimming for awhile, it worked reverse and put more pressure on my back, therefore I postponed it temporarily cause we are close to the race day. Also it wasn’t a smart idea to go for speed today with the group but I did it. I guess I would train on my own for the remaining 31 days. I know my body better and I know how I can improve it (just in short term though)

On Thursday (11/09): Stopped running cause of sudden severe pain in the lower right side of my stomach (exactly at the same distance as of August 25th 6.75km vs 6.99km). Now I know it’s not because of water as I didn’t have it this time and it’s not my appendicitis because of the location of pain (and as I discussed with my doctor in past) Partially it might be because of the time I started (8:40pm vs 8:59pm) and I won’t start it that late anymore (although it would help me to sleep better specially cause I have 4-5 cups of coffee during the day) As the pain continues, I should check it with a sport doctor.

On Friday (12/09): Again stopped running due to the pains!

On Saturday (13/09): VO2Max is an important factor for any athlete and I guess 53 is pretty good for a runner (not for professionals!) I have to work hard to achieve my potentials which is as following by Garmin race predictor and would improve by training: 5K: 19:35 10K: 40:37 Half Marathon: 1:29:54 Marathon:3:07:24

On Sunday (14/09): There are a couple of things that I won’t compromise in my life, physical and mental health is among them that I always want to keep them at the highest level. I promised myself to have at least one paddle boarding every month, it really helps me to clear my thoughts. Next time should be in Victoria I guess. look at the photos and see how people are nice to me 😀