2014 Marathon Training Summary

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Period: 5 May 2014- 4 October 2014 (22 Weeks)
Summary: 676.78 Km Running, 15.8 Km Swimming & 9 Amazing Paddle Boarding Trips
Training Excel Analyze File
Training Calendar

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayWeekly Total
Easy 5K runEasy 10K runLong 20K run02/10Strength 10K run5K run05/1050.0 km Run
Strength 10K runLong 20K runEasy 5K runEasy 5K run26/0927/0928/0940.0 km Run
15/09Long 26K run17/0918/09Long 20K run20/09Easy 5K run Easy run  51.5 km Run
08/0909/09Speed run 4×800Easy 7K runEasy 4K runHalf MarathonPaddle Boarding False Creek36.9 km Runone Paddle Boarding Trip
Half Marathon Race02/09Hills Training 10×4001.5K Lap Swimming05/09Long 30K run07/0959.8 km Run1.50 km Swim
7K run26/08Hills Training 10×40028/0829/0811K run31/0827.49 km Run
18/0812K run20/08Long 19K run22/08Long 19K run24/0850.3 km Run
11/0812/0810K runPaddle Boarding KitsilanoThe amazing SUP trip16/0814K run24.1 km RunTwo Paddle Boarding Trips
10K run05/0806/0807/0808/0810K runLong 26K run45.6 km Run
10K run29/07SUP Fireworks 2014 day two31/0710K RaceSUP Fireworks 2014 Third Night03/0820.0 km RunTwo Paddle Boarding Trips
21/0722/0710K run24/07Fireworks 2014 day one26/07Strength 10K run20.1 km RunOne Paddle Boarding
14/07Paddle Boarding English BayPaddle Boarding English Bay17/07Paddle Boarding Jericho Beach19/07Half Marathon21.1 km RunThree Paddle Boarding
10K Race1.5K Lap Swimming11K run10/071.5K Lap Swimming1.5K Lap SwimmingLong 19K run39.2 km Run4.50 km Swim
Easy 3K run01/071.5K Lap Swimming  10K run 03/071.5K Lap Swimming05/0706/0712.8 km Run3.0 km Swim
1.5K Lap Swimming5K Race11K run800m Lap Swimming27/0628/068K run24.0  km Run2.3 km Swim
16/0617/0610K run19/0620/061.5K Lap Swimming13K run23.0 km Run1.5 km Swim
10K run10/0610K run12/061.5K Lap Swimming1.5K Lap Swimming10K run30.0  km Run3.0 km Swim
10K run03/0604/0610K run06/0610K run08/0630.0  km Run
26/0527/0528/0529/0510K run31/0510K run20.0  km Run
19/0520/0521/0522/0510K run24/0516K Grouse Mountain25.0  km Run
12/0513/0514/0515/057K run10K run18/0516.6  km Run
6K run3K run07/0508/0509/0510/0511/058.8 km Run
28/04First test 🙂30/0401/0502/0503/0504/05

Completing a sub three hours marathon

Before reading this article about how you can prepare yourself for completing a sub three hours marathon, you may ask “why three hours and where does that point come from?”. Well, there are a couple of critical point for marathoners that they are trying to reach those points and they are 4:30,4:00,3:30 and 3:00 hours. Among those times, completing a sub three hours Marathon is specially important for marathoners because it would qualify them for Boston marathon which is dream of every marathoner. Actually to be very exact at this point, being qualified for Boston marathon depend on your age and gender, and for young men runners (under age 30) qualifying time for Boston marathon is 3:05 hours.

Sub Three Hour Marathon

There are different training schedules for marathon, but most of them consist of about 18 weeks of training and in this period you would run over  1100km. After completing each marathon, you need at least two weeks of rest before start training for your next marathon in order to improve your previous record. In case you want to start training for your next marathon immediately after your previous training, you may neglect the first five weeks of your schedule which doesn’t include SOS workouts and jump into the sixth week, but in any case in order to complete the rest of your schedule, you again need to train at least 13 weeks/+1000km in order to get your goal.

Now back to our initial question “how long would it take to complete a sub three hours marathon and be qualified for Boston marathon”, the math is very simple now. Usually to have a sub 3:30 marathon, you need at least two training sets while any attempt to complete your first marathon before 3:30 hours is pretty aggressive and chances of getting injured is so high, where in that case you would not even able to complete the marathon.

After completing a sub 3:30 marathon, by each set of training, you would able to improve your previous record by usually 3% ,let’s say 7 minutes (theoretically you can improve up to 5%, but again it’s not recommended and continuing that way you would high likely get injured in a close future) Therefore in order to improve your record from 3:30 hours to 3:00 hours you need 4 sets of marathon training and therefore you need at least six sets of training in order to be able to complete a sub three hours marathon from the point that you started. As we discussed in past each training set requires at least 1000 km of running so you need to run at least for 6000 km in order to complete a sub three hours marathon and being qualified for Boston marathon which is dream of every marathoners.

2014 Training Week 22 (29/09/2014 to 05/10/2014)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs


Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 5 run activities this week. On Monday (29/09) I had an easy 5K run with the following averages: (5.00 K, 5:13 min/km, 166 bpm, 27m elevation gain). On Tuesday (30/09) I had an easy 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:08 min/km, 169 bpm, 87m elevation gain). On Wednesday (01/10) I had a long 20K run with the following averages: (20.00 K, 5:09 min/km, 157 bpm, 89m elevation gain). On Friday (03/10) I had a strength 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 4:45 min/km, 161 bpm, 40m elevation gain). On Saturday (04/10) I had a 5K run with the following averages: (5.00 K, 4:45 min/km, 166 bpm, 19m elevation gain).

Easy 5K runEasy 10K runLong 20K run2Strength 10K run5K run550.0 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) activities were (53, 52, 52, 52, 52) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 50.0 km run.

About individual runs

On Monday (29/09): Stopped running due to the pain in the lower right side of my stomach.

On Tuesday (30/09): However it was just a 10k run with the average pace 5:08 min/km, but it was so hard for me as you can see the training effect is ridiculously 4.7! The reason is I gain weight about 1 pound during past days and therefore this run was so hard for me . The main reason for gaining weight is over usage of the running gels that I had and also sudden change in my daily millage (I was resting for 3-4 days cause I wanted to have my final 35k run before the marathon and eventually I couldn’t have it due to different reasons)

On Wednesday (01/10): pain in my knees specifically in the last quarter of the run. It’s definitely a poor decision for me to rest in the last 3-4 days before the marathon, cause I can see I had problems in the first two days of run after 3 days rest.

On Friday (03/10): I had a completely comfortable run till the 10th km where I again had pain in the lower right side of my stomach, it wasn’t that sharp but I decided to stop running.

My injury and the of 2014 training 😦

On Saturday (04/10): The pain in the lower right side of my stomach is moving down, consistently painful and sensitive by touching which are all symptoms of appendix. previously I was assuming its just abdominal pain or stomach cramp but with the recent changes in the pain and while it lasts for about two months, it seems it’s more serious than what I thought . Apparently I totally forgot about the Marathon in next week and I’m just thinking about the seriousness of injury. I can’t even walk properly today, so chances of not being able to do the Marathon is not slim.