2014 Marathon Training Summary

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Period: 5 May 2014- 4 October 2014 (22 Weeks)
Summary: 676.78 Km Running, 15.8 Km Swimming & 9 Amazing Paddle Boarding Trips
Training Excel Analyze File
Training Calendar

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayWeekly Total
Easy 5K runEasy 10K runLong 20K run02/10Strength 10K run5K run05/1050.0 km Run
Strength 10K runLong 20K runEasy 5K runEasy 5K run26/0927/0928/0940.0 km Run
15/09Long 26K run17/0918/09Long 20K run20/09Easy 5K run Easy run  51.5 km Run
08/0909/09Speed run 4×800Easy 7K runEasy 4K runHalf MarathonPaddle Boarding False Creek36.9 km Runone Paddle Boarding Trip
Half Marathon Race02/09Hills Training 10×4001.5K Lap Swimming05/09Long 30K run07/0959.8 km Run1.50 km Swim
7K run26/08Hills Training 10×40028/0829/0811K run31/0827.49 km Run
18/0812K run20/08Long 19K run22/08Long 19K run24/0850.3 km Run
11/0812/0810K runPaddle Boarding KitsilanoThe amazing SUP trip16/0814K run24.1 km RunTwo Paddle Boarding Trips
10K run05/0806/0807/0808/0810K runLong 26K run45.6 km Run
10K run29/07SUP Fireworks 2014 day two31/0710K RaceSUP Fireworks 2014 Third Night03/0820.0 km RunTwo Paddle Boarding Trips
21/0722/0710K run24/07Fireworks 2014 day one26/07Strength 10K run20.1 km RunOne Paddle Boarding
14/07Paddle Boarding English BayPaddle Boarding English Bay17/07Paddle Boarding Jericho Beach19/07Half Marathon21.1 km RunThree Paddle Boarding
10K Race1.5K Lap Swimming11K run10/071.5K Lap Swimming1.5K Lap SwimmingLong 19K run39.2 km Run4.50 km Swim
Easy 3K run01/071.5K Lap Swimming  10K run 03/071.5K Lap Swimming05/0706/0712.8 km Run3.0 km Swim
1.5K Lap Swimming5K Race11K run800m Lap Swimming27/0628/068K run24.0  km Run2.3 km Swim
16/0617/0610K run19/0620/061.5K Lap Swimming13K run23.0 km Run1.5 km Swim
10K run10/0610K run12/061.5K Lap Swimming1.5K Lap Swimming10K run30.0  km Run3.0 km Swim
10K run03/0604/0610K run06/0610K run08/0630.0  km Run
26/0527/0528/0529/0510K run31/0510K run20.0  km Run
19/0520/0521/0522/0510K run24/0516K Grouse Mountain25.0  km Run
12/0513/0514/0515/057K run10K run18/0516.6  km Run
6K run3K run07/0508/0509/0510/0511/058.8 km Run
28/04First test 🙂30/0401/0502/0503/0504/05

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