2015 Training Week 5 (23/03/2015 to 29/03/2015)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 4 run activities in this week. On Tuesday (24/03) I had a 10 K tempo run with the following averages: (10.01K, 4:50 min/km, 177 bpm, 45m elevation gain). On Thursday (26/03) I had a 7K tempo run with the following averages: (7.01 K, 4:52 min/km, 168 bpm, 57m elevation gain). On Friday (27/03) I had a 10K easy run with the following averages: (10.00 K, 4:58 min/km, 163 bpm, 65m elevation gain). On Saturday (28/03) I had an 8K easy run with the following averages: (8.03 K, 5:00 min/km, 167 bpm, 40m elevation gain).

23Tempo 10K run25Tempo 7K runEasy 10K runEasy 8K run2935.0 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) activities were (48, 48, 50, 50) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 35.0 km run.

About individual runs

On Tuesday (24/03): 10k run and still a little bit of heart (chest) issue after run, I guess I should specifically monitor a couple of factors including my heart rate! right ht pain

On Thursday (26/03): Just a 7k run and was afraid of continuing due to heart issue which is strange while vo2max is still 48. I might start trying long distance runs gradually with reletively high pace (about 5:30 and strictly dont increase it) The positive point of the run is to incrase your heart rate at low speed by increasing cadence , then adjust the speed up to the point that you feel comfortable. In my current situation, I should possibly adjust my overall speed before the run and depend on the distance that I want to run. no ht pain

On Friday (27/03): Look at the average heart rate to see if you’ll gonna have heart issue! I guess below 170bpm is the comfort zone. Monitor it in the main screen instead of total run time! Ave HR 163 and a very comfortable run ! vo2max back to 50 , good improvement !

On Saturday (28/03): This time , I was monitoring my heart rate in the main screen and was trying to adjust the speed accordingly. In the first 5K heart rate was up to 168bpm which was a bit too much and therefore my pace was relatively low 4:51 min/km. In the second half I decided to slow down my heart rate and increase the pace. The pace was up to 5:14 min/km but I am not sure why the ave. hr is still 167bpm. I have previously seen some non professional training schedules who were working just with heart zones and distances and now I have a better idea about the idea of those training plans. Everything was OK in this run.