2015 Training Week 6 (30/03/2015 to 05/04/2015)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs


Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 5 run activities in this week. On Monday (30/03) I had a 7K easy run with the following averages: (7.03 K, 5:01 min/km, 166 bpm, 47m elevation gain). On Tuesday (31/03) I had an 8K tempo run with the following averages: ( 8.01 K, 4:41 min/km, 172 bpm, 37m elevation gain). On Wednesday (01/04) I had a 13K easy run with the following averages: (12.83 K, 5:04 min/km, 161 bpm, 87m elevation gain). On Friday (03/04) I had an easy 2K run with the following averages: (2.46 K, 4:51 min/km, 159 bpm, 25m elevation gain) and a speed run 12×400 with the following averages: ( 13.69 K, 6:25 min/km, 141 bpm, 66m elevation gain). On Saturday (04/04) I had a 7K easy run with the following averages: (7.01 K, 5:00 min/km, 158 bpm, 32m elevation gain).

Easy 7K runTempo 8K runEasy 13K runCasual WalkEasy 2K run Speed run, 12×400 Easy 7K run551.0 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) activities were (50, 50, NA, 50, 50) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 51.0 km run.

About individual runs

On Monday (30/03): Starting a happy week by winning an argue that I had with my friend a few weeks ago about a technical running question. The argue was a bit challenging and that’s why even a few weeks after that, I am pretty happy to see I was in the winning position. He was claiming that the professional 100m runners can easily complete the marathon faster than me right at the moment and without any kind of training. I simply told him that your potential running ability is just a function of VO2max and obviously their VO2Max is much higher than mine, but in order to achieve your potential and complete the marathon in a good timely manner, you have to train based on a Marathon training plan. He emphasized that training schedule of professionals for even 100m is good enough and I told him not, based on a couple of simple reasons such as the first time you wanna complete a 20+km and 30+km run in your life, you would hit the wall and you would have some difficulties to complete the job. Anyways, today I was asking a coach about the issue and she simply told me that right at the moment and without any specific training, they might not even able to complete the marathon injury free and I was like I had won the lottery Yeeeees 🙂

On Tuesday (31/03): Tempo runs are coming and it brings more happiness 🙂 the faster you run (injury free) the happier you are. Based on Hanson’s Marathon training, tempo and speed runs would start after five weeks of preparation with a total of 145km run in a certain schedule. In the first five weeks, I was running 169km but not as exactly as I was supposed to run, but at the beginning of the the sixth week, I am totally ready to follow up Hunson’s training schedule.
With 3:25:00 hours goal for the marathon, my pace for tempo runs should be 4:51 min/km. However while Garmin watch has 1% inaccuracy and also regarding the fact that I chose 3:25:00 in a way to avoid injury during the training and be in the safe side , for the tempo runs I decided to run with the average pace 4:45 min/km based on what my watch shows (unless something happens and I wont able to continue with that pace).
Today’s run was pretty OK and I didn’t feel any pressure on myself of any kind during/after the run and the ave pace was 4:41 min/km (30 seconds faster in 38 min compared to the schedule) .

On Wednesday (01/04): Starting long distance runs which would boost the strength of my legs & knees. The very strong wind today was literally acting like hills. Also at the end of the run due to low battery issue, my watch was dead and therfore there is a bit of inaccuracy in the data shown here (D=13k, Ave pace=5:00 min/km) As of this week, my weekly mileage would increase by 60-70 % and the main deal here is my nutrition. The problem is like always, I have very poor appetite and I can hardly eat enough calories that I need during the day (I also have to drink a lot of water). To have a better idea of my nutrition now, I usually eat once or twice a day! My friend was asking a marathoner three days ago and he told him it’s a big deal and if I really can’t eat good enough, the solution is to use the clif bars (exactly what I did today) The other issue is in the first few weeks that I would adapt to have 60+km weekly mileage, I might feel a bit tired which is pretty OK and the issue would be resolved in a few weeks. The other thing is, as long distance runs would start and the program would be more serious, I really need to have a strict schedule for the daily runs and also a strict routin for the daily life, For example the best time to have the long distance runs is at the weekend not during the week (cause you would be so tired that day) Finally the last thing is, I really have to use the HT all day long when my activities get tougher.

On Friday (03/04) 2K run: It was supposed to be the speed workout but due to some issue in creating the workout in my watch and also problem in adjusting the speed, I stoped the run and restarted a new speed run. Speed runs have a 2k warm up and a 2k cool down and in between you would have the interval training which at this time, it’s a 400m speed run and a 400m recovery repeated for 12 times.

On Friday (03/04) speed run: In this speed run, I had 2 issues , the first one is the question: whats is the right pace for the speed workouts and the second issue is again the problem that I had about the sport hernia. Regarding the first question, While I wanna complete the Marathon in 3:25 hours, for the speed workouts I should run 800m in 3:25min or equivalently 400m in 1:43min . When I was doing this workout as you can see, I completed almost all 400m in about 1:30min. I have to wait and see if that’s the right pace for all other speed workouts, then I have to modify my marathon goal (just a little bit). The other serious issue that I had in this run is, even by using HT, at the speed workouts, I have too much pressure on the lower part of my stomach (which is possibly sport hernia) and I have to seriously visit a sport doctor about this issue. Fortunately it just happens at the speed workouts and for the easy, tempo and long runs I have no issue and pain in the lower part of my stomach.

On Saturday (04/04): After the speed run of yesterday, I feel I need to have stretch exercises after my runs to release the muscles of my legs. No issue in this run.