2015 Training Week 8 (13/04/2015 to 19/04/2015)

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 6 run activities in this week. On Monday (13/04) I had a 10K run (slow tempo) with the following averages: (10.01 K, 4:49 min/km, 157 bpm, 87m elevation gain). On Tuesday (14/04) I had a speed run 6×800 with the following averages: (14.25 K, 5:35 min/km, 151 bpm, 111m elevation gain). On Thursday (16/04) I had a 15K run (tempo 8K) with the following averages: (15.30 K, 4:52 min/km, 162 bpm, 69m elevation gain). On Friday (17/04) I had a 8K easy run with the following averages: (8.00 K, 4:54 min/km, 162 bpm, 58m elevation gain). On Saturday (18/04) I had a 10K easy run with the following averages: (10.00 K, 5:51 min/km, 150 bpm, 124m elevation gain). On Sunday (19/04) I had a 16K long run with the following averages: (16.00 K, 5:30 min/km, N/A bpm, N/A elevation gain).

10K run (slow Tempo)Speed run 6×800, 400 recovery1515K run, Tempo 8KEasy 8KEasy 10KLong 16K73.5 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) activities were (53, 52, 52, 52, 52, N/A) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 73.5 km run.

About individual runs

On Monday (13/04): Perfect ! Started running towards south cause I needed more hills and a new environment ! Gradually definition of Easy and Tempo runs are going to be changed. Right now, the right pace for the Tempo runs are 4:40 min/km and easy runs are something slightly faster than 5:00 min/km unless I’m tired or I had a couple of SOS workouts in a raw. This change makes more sense specifically when my VO2Max improved from 50 to 53 during last week. 53 was the highest VO2Max I obtained in past (first time at Sep 13 2014 https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1151369855)

On Tuesday (14/04): My average time for the 800m intervals is 3:12 min while it should be 3:25min , that means I’m performing better than my marathon goal (3:12 hours vs 3:25 hours) . There was a very strong wind when I was running from false creek to english bay, thus you can see the Max HR for the return intervals (no wind) is slightly less than the Max HR for the other intervals (179bpm vs 185 bpm) The other factor for the speed runs is the stride length. My regular stride length varies between 1.10m-1.20m , while the average stide length in the recent three speed runs are 1.43m,1.36m,1.36 which is 20-30cm more than the regular stride length. This increase would put much more pressure on your hips and upper parts of your legs and as a result, stretching after the workouts is mandatory. The pain that I had in the lower side of my stomach (sport hernia) after the first speed run was also a result of this change. Now in the third week of having speed runs, I see flexibility of my body has been improved and that’s why I really feel good. I try to work on my flexibility cause that has a lot of enjoy for me.

On Thursday (16/04): Finally yesterday I found out the answer of my old question: whats the appropriate cadence for short distance runners i.e. 100m runners. Is it still around 180? After Tuesday speed workout and discussing about my stride length, I had a simple calculation as follows : distance= time x speed = time x cadence x stride length . Lets assume D=100m , so time ~ 10second =1/6 min, substituting in the above formula we have : 600=cadence x stride length. Now its clear that the average cadence cannot be around 180 cause then the average stride length should be over 3m which is really not possible. After that I went to the video for the world wide record for 100m and found out Usain Bolt and the second person in that race had 41,44 strides in the 100m race respectively i.e. Cadence = 256, 272 spm respectively. Again after awhile , need to use HT all day long. At this stage of my training , long distance walks are hard (after somepoint impossible) without HT.

On Friday (17/04): Problem in adjusting cadence in individual runs and also in my weekly ave. running cadence, as I can see since week 7 till now which is middle of week 8 , my weekly average running cadence gradually decreased from 179 spm to 177 spm. I can see a couple of reasons for that. The first one is, by adding the speed runs and also the cool down runs after the SOS workouts to my weekly training plans, my dominated running style has changed and it’s a bit harder for my body to recognize the 180 spm in my runs. The other issue is in the recent days, I am trying to increase my running speed. As you can see since Tuesday of week 7 till Friday of week 8 (today), my weekly average (pace , cadence and heart rate) has been gradually changed from (5:05,179,156) to (4:54,177,160). The change in the running cadence is absolutely negative and important cause cadence would totally change fluency of my runs. It also totally make sense to have this problem, cause it’s so difficult to keep your cadence steady while you are changing your speed. The change in my weekly average HR from 156bpm to 160bpm also seems negative to me, specifically in long distance runs, as I can see in the last (15k run tempo 8k) my ave HR=162 bpm and T.E=4.5 which is definitely too much for a simple tempo run and the reason is simple Ave pace of that run was 4:52 min/km which is too fast. I can see the idea of trying to increase your speed regardless of monitoring other factors was definitely wrong and the idea comes from the point that my VO2max last week improved to 52 and I was feeling my running ability has been improved. Thus I am going to modify the plan: In each run (specifically in tempo runs) first monitor and keep your cadence around 180spm. Also in the middle of your runs (specifically in long distance runs) monitor and keep your Ave HR below 160bpm and finally adjust cadence accordingly. Suggested first,second running pages: (Dist,L pace,L Cad, A pace), (Time, A HR, L HR) Just changed it 🙂

On Saturday (18/04): It was actually a recovery run with a very easy pace cause I was so tired. It is awesome that I don’t have to run 6AM at the weekend 🙂 Experiencing injury in my left leg and the answer is clear , running too fast, just look at my recent 5 workouts : (Dist,Pace)=(8,4:54),(15.3,4:52),(14.25,5:35(speed run)),(10,4:49),(16,4:50). Thats why in today run, I was slowing it down!

On Sunday (19/04): Again watch didn’t work. After 5K that I wanted to have a lap, when I pressed the lap bottom the watch was restarted. I tried multiple times (maybe 4 times) during my run to resume the activity but after each time I had the same problem. Even manually restarting the watch was not useful. I tried to save the activity but that didn’t work neither. Finally I discard the activity and started a new one which worked and I succesfully completed the whole 16K (only the last 9k was recognized by the watch). Now when I am trying to upload the activity , apparently the activity hasn’t been saved properly so I have to upload it manually. Ave pace~5:30 , Ave HR ~ 153 bpm. It was a really hard activity cause I was so tired because of what I explained yesterday.