2015 Training Week 15 (14/09/2015 to 20/09/2015)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs


Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 3 run activities in this week. On Tuesday (15/09) I had a  speed run 4×1200 with the following averages: (13.43 K, 5:12 min/km, 158 bpm, 80m elevation gain). On Wednesday (16/09) I had an 8K easy run with the following averages: (8.01 K, 5:34 min/km, 148 bpm, 80m elevation gain). On Friday (18/09) I had a  20K long run with the following averages: (20.10 K, 5:45 min/km, N/A bpm, N/A elevation gain).

14Speed run 4×1200-400 recoveryEasy 8K17Long 20K195K walk41.5 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) activities were (N/A, 52, N/A) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 41.5 km run.

About individual runs

On Tuesday (15/09): One day recovery was good enough for my Sunday long run knee issue and I didn’t have any knee or other problems for today run. My body is adapted to 80km/w run but it’s still struggling for the recovery of 30+km long runs as I was a bit tired yesterday in the sense that I wasn’t fresh enough to run up the stairs and my brain sent a huge amount of negative impulse this morning which indicated I am still tired from last long run which wasn’t true and I was also a bit depressed. They were both my brain’s way of trying to get me to stop from having my regular workout. The first key point is to have the long runs with the right pace (1min/mile easier than the race goal) and also having regular 8 hours sleep after the workouts. This article was pretty useful in this matter: http://www.runnersworld.com/for-beginners-only/how-slow-should-my-long-runs-be

On Friday (18/09): Apparently the activity was not properly saved in my watch so I have to upload it manually here. I got cold yesterday so I couldn’t make the tempo run yesterday and instead today I had long 20k which has the same distance as the tempo run but with an slightly easier pace. One issue for my morning run when I am sick is, when I get up in the morning I am usually too weak because of my cold and it takes me more than an hour to get into the situation that I would able to run, that would disturb my daily plan. The other issue is, I would not go for the speed, tempo runs because I am a bit weak and also because of sweating a lot in those workouts usually in the rainy weather of Vancouver these days, I am really scared of having a bad cold after speed/tempo runs.The solution is to try to keep the weekly mileage around 80km/week having the long 30k runs in your plan and continue your regular plan after you got better from your cold.