2015 Training Week 16 (21/09/2015 to 27/09/2015)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs


Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 3 run and 1 hike activities in this week. On Thursday (24/09) I had a 13K easy run with the following averages: (13.03 K, 5:47 min/km, 152 bpm, 112m elevation gain). On Friday (25/09) I had a 12.5K easy run with the following averages: (12.50 K, 5:45 min/km, N/A bpm, N/A elevation gain). On Saturday (26/09) I had a 22K run (tempo 15K) with the following averages: (22.00 K, 5:01 min/km, 169 bpm, 74m elevation gain). On Sunday (27/09) I had a Grouse Mountain BCMC hike with the following averages: (3.87 K, 28:25 min/km, 853m elevation gain) and the return trip with the following averages: (3.87 K, 4.3 kph).

219K walk2313K easy run12.5K easy runTempo 15K runGrouse Mountain-BCMC Hiking return47.5 km Run 3.8 km Hike

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) activities were (51, N/A, 50) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage in this week was 47.5 km run and 3.8 km hike.

About individual runs

On Thursday (24/09): It was my first run after five days rest for my cold and you can imagine how happy I’m about it. I finished my medication after seven complete days last night. Everything was good and something funny happened after the run. My hands were so tired and painful after the run just because of holding them up during the run and the reason seems clear to me. My entire body was so weak because of my cold and the medication that I took and the process of recovery for lower parts of my body was much faster than the upper part. Therefore, however I was so comfortable to have a 13K run, but after that my hands were as weak as it was a bit difficult for me to shift my right hand up and open the entrance door of the building with my keys!

On Friday (25/09): Again watch didn’t save the activity, It was restarted during the run. I restarted it, canceleled the current activity and sterted a new one, turned off the watch and again turned it on … none of them worked. I guess the key point is to have the watch fully charged (this time it was 40%) and also clear the memory all the time. One point that I forget to mention last time is about gaining wait immediately after you stop training for a few days. After my cold when I stoped training for about five days, I was gaining weight for about 3 pounds. That’s interesting to me and I found it multiple times. It’s not weired cause your body used to traing 70-80km/week and then you suddenly stop it for a few days, then you are welcome to gain weight. You can neglect the effect of your cold cause I experienced the same thing even when I wasn’t sick.

On Saturday (26/09): I was a bit anxious in my run today, partially because I was checking my watch too often, and the main reason for checking it is because I decided to have my splits every 3 kilometers (to make sure I’m running in the right pace every single moment) and because of the inaccuracy of the GPS in computing the average pace of a lap in the first kilometer, I had to check my watch and adjust my pace too often which was taking a lot of effort from me, both physically and mentally. Instead, when I decided just to listen to the rhythmic of my body, adjust my pace that way and run in the pace that I am more comfortable in it, I got the desired result for my tempo pace and I also had a very comfortable run. That method worked because I have already selected the right pace for my tempo runs and the whole experience shows the importance of having a good understanding of your current limitations, selecting the right pace for your goal, and also understanding your pace just by your body and without looking at your watch. Five seconds back the schedule in the entire 15km tempo run (70 min) was the result of my training today which is perfect. I also had depression for one or two days due to this heavy workout, that’s a symptom of overtraining and as a result I should adjust my tempo pace from 4:40 to 4:44 or my marathon goal from 3:17 to 3:20. 3:20 is consistence with my half-marathon record and like always I was trying to push myself too much by setting in 3:17 for my marathon goal.