2016 Training Weeks 1-2 (02/05/2016 to 15/05/2016)

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Summary of activities

First, let’s review my activities during these two week. I had 5 swim and 2 paddle boarding activities in this period of time. On Thursday (05/05) I had a 600m swim with average pace 2:10 min/100m. On Sunday (08/05) I had a 2K swim with average pace 2:15 min/100m. On Tuesday (10/05) I had a 2K swim with average pace 2:12 min/100m. On Wednesday (11/05) I had a 2K swim with average pace 2:09 min/100m. On Thursday (12/05) I had a 2K swim with average pace 2:07 min/100m. On Saturday (14/05) I had a paddle boarding trip in Kitsilano. On Sunday (15/05) I had a paddle boarding trip in False Creek and English Bay. My weekly total in week 1 was 2.6 km swimming and in week 2 was 6.0 km swimming plus two paddle boarding trips.

92K Swim2K Swim2K Swim13SUPSUP6.0 km Swim
2 SUP trips
234600m Swim672K Swim2.6 km Swim

About individual runs

On Sunday (08/05): Right after 1800 meter swim, I had muscle cramp in the third and fourth fingers of my left foot, but anyways I finished the 2K swimming . That is really bad if something similar happen in the race day. VOWSA trainings would start at the end of May, so I have plenty of time to train in the pool before that.

On Tuesday (10/05): Finally my first training with my new watch Garmin Fenix 3. Only God knows how much do I love it. After two years of training with Fenix 2, it was the exact right time to upgrade it to Fenix 3. After 2K swimming with it and in the way that I was heading home, I was feeling that I am literally high. It was a super awesome day today, and it’s all about the new watch, Loooooooove every single second of training with it :)))))

On Thursday (12/05): Gradually I’m trying to work on my technique and my power which at the same time improve my time. Apparently I am still not that close to my balanced point (for 2K Lap swimming) because my time today was improved 30 seconds compare to yesterday (1.1%) and fortunately Avg strokes and Avg SWOLF are improving each time in past three days (31,30,29) Strokes/length and (97,95,93) respectively.