2016 Training Week 21 (26/09/2016 to 02/10/2016)

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 3 run activities in this week. On Tuesday (27/09) I had a 16K steady run with the following averages: (16.01 K, 4:39 min/km, 160 bpm, 2m elevation gain). On Thursday (29/09) I had a warm up run with the following averages: (3.01 K, 4:29 min/km, 162 bpm, 0m elevation gain) and a 13K tempo run with the following averages: (13.00 K, 4:12 min/km, 179 bpm, 0m elevation gain). On Sunday (02/10) I had a 30K long run with the following averages: (30.01 K, 4:47 min/km, 156 bpm, 1m elevation gain).

26Steady 16K run28Warm up Tempo 13K 301Long 30K run62.0 km Run

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) activities were (58, 58, 59) ml/kg/min respectively. Also my weekly mileage this week was 62.0 km run.

About individual runs

On Sunday (02/10): After 30k long runs always use your HT, I got that lesson since last year!!!