2016 Training Summary (05/05/2016 to 11/11/2016)

Totals: 1118.5 Km Running, 33.2 Km Swimming

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Easy 68 min08/11Easy 64 minEasy 62 minEasy 9 min12/1113/1138.5 km Run
31/1001/11Easy 18 min03/1104/11Easy 67 min06/1115.8 km Run
Steady 51 min25/10Steady 40 min27/1028/1029/1030/1018.1 km Run
Steady 60 min8 Steady runs (9K total)Steady 27 min20/10Steady 81 min22/10Steady 63 min56.8 km Run
10/1011/1012/1013/1014/10Steady 1K16/101.4 km Run
03/1004/1005/1006/1007/1008/1009/100.0 km Run
26/09Steady 16K run28/09Warm up Tempo 13K 30/0901/10Long 30K run62.0 km Run
Steady 16K runSteady 16K run21/09Warm up Tempo 13K23/09Speed run 15×400Long 20K run82.3 km Run
12/0913/0914/0915/09Long 26K run17/0918/0926.0 km Run
Long 26K 06/0907/09Speed 4×1200-400 walkSteady 16K10/0911/0955.4 km Run
29/0830/08Steady 16KEasy 5K Warm up Tempo 13K03/0904/0937.1 km Run
Long 26K23/08Easy runSpeed 400,800,1200,1600Steady 16K27/08Steady 19K74.0 km Run
Steady 11K16/0817/08Speed 4×1200-400 recovery19/08Warm up Tempo 13K21/0842.9 km Run
Easy 12KEasy 19KSteady 11K11/08Warm up Tempo 8K13/08Steady 22K (Fast)74.3 km Run
Rest WeekRest WeekRest WeekRest WeekWarm up Steady 8K06/08Easy 16K26.0 km Run
Rest WeekSUPSUP FireworksRest WeekRest WeekRest WeekRest Week2 SUP trips
Easy 13KEasy 16K (Failed Speed)20/07Easy 13KTempo 6KRest WeekRest Week54.8 km Run
Easy 16KHills Training 10×200Easy 5K Easy 6K14/0715/07Easy 16KEasy 16K70.1 km Run
Easy 3K 3K Swim  Easy 3K 300m Swim Easy 15KEasy 15K08/0709/07Easy 16K52.4 km Run3.3 km Swim
Easy 15KSpeed 4×1200-400 recoveryEasy 15K 300m SwimSpeed 4×1200-400 recovery 500m SwimEasy 15K 400m Swim02/07Easy 3K 2K Swim75.0 km Run3.2 km Swim
Tempo 6KEasy 15K 1K SwimEasy 15K 500m SwimSpeed 6×800-400 recoveryEasy 12K25/06Long 20K90.8 km Run1.5 km Swim
Easy 12K  1K Swim14/06Easy 15K 1K SwimEasy 15K 1K Swim16K run 1K SwimEasy 11K 500m Swim19/0669.8 km Run4.5 km Swim
06/0607/0608/06Easy 3K 500m Swim Easy 3KEasy 10KEasy 10KEasy 10K 500m Swim38.2 km Run1.0 km Swim
Easy Run31/05Easy Run 2K Swim Easy Run02/0603/0604/0605/068.0 km Run2.0 km Swim
23/0524/0525/05Easy Run27/052K Swim2K Swim Easy Run5.4 km Run4.0 km Swim
16/0517/051K Swim19/052K Swim21/052K Swim 50m Swim5.1 km Swim
09/052K Swim2K Swim2K Swim13/05SUPSUP6.0 km Swim2 SUP trips
02/0503/0504/05600m Swim06/0507/052K Swim2.6 km Swim

2016 Training Weeks 22-25 (15/10/2016 to 11/11/2016)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs


In the last four weeks of 2016 training, I had unorganized, naked (without watch) training. Below is the summary of my training for that period of time:

Easy 68 min8Easy 64 minEasy 62 minEasy 9 min121338.5 km Run
311Easy 18 min34Easy 67 min615.8 km Run
Steady 51 min25Steady 40 min2728293018.1 km Run
Steady 60 min8 Steady runs (9K total)Steady 27 min20Steady 81 min22Steady 63 min56.8 km Run
1011121314Steady 1K161.4 km Run