2020 Training Week 8 (29/06/2020 to 05/07/2020)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs

Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 4 run activities this week. On Monday (29/06) I had a 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:46 min/km, 164 bpm, 55m elevation gain). On Tuesday (30/06) I had a 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:02 min/km, 169 bpm, 50m elevation gain). On Thursday (02/07) I had a 10K run with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:51 min/km, 139 bpm, 47m elevation gain). On Friday (03/07) I had a 10K run with the following averages: (10.02 K, 5:44 min/km, 160 bpm, 33m elevation gain).

10K Run10K Run0110K Run10K Run040540.0 km
80.8 kg79.6 kg79.6 kg80.3 kg80.5 kg81.2 kg80.9 kg

VO2Max and weekly totals

My VO2Max this week in my (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) activities were (50, 51, 52, 51) ml/kg/min respectively. My weekly totals this week were 40.0 km run and 71,523 steps. Total weight loss so far 6.6 kg and this week’s weight loss -0.1 kg (gaining 0.1 kg).

About my weight loss

In regards to my weight loss, in the middle of the week on Wednesday my weight was 79.6 kg which means a total weight loss of 7.9 kg and this week’s weight loss of 1.2 kg which was pretty satisfying. For some reason after that, I gained 1.3 kg of weight in just 4 days without having any change in my diet or exercise. That is high likely a temporary weight gain due to my water weight (extra water being held in my body) or having full stomach at the time of weighing myself.

Making Beef and Bean Chili

This Week, I decided to make beef and bean chili which is a very healthy food and it’s easy to cook too. The recipes is available all over the internet and you can use the following youtube video too:

I made a few changes to the ingredients based on my taste. The entire process of cooking took me about 3 hours and instead I had my main meal for about one week. The photo gallery of my cooking is available in the below link:

Photo Gallery of Beef and Been Chili Cooking