2020 Diet Report Introduction

My 2019 weight loss journey was my first ever diet journey so everything related to weight loss was new to me. After I finished my diet in 2019, I thought my job was finished and I would stay on that desired weight forever. Therefore I didn’t monitor my diet and started to gain weight. There were two main factors which made the situation worse, my busy schedule at my job and the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. As you can find in the below table, I exactly gained 17kg (37.4 lbs) in 8.5 months after a 12.8 kg (28.2 lbs) weight loss journey which is still unbelievable for me. I didn’t lose my motivation and decided to start my second weight loss journey. In the following posts, I will share the details of my 2020 weight loss journey plus a summary of my entire 2020 diet journey.

2019 Diet End Date08/30/2019
2019 Diet End Date Weight70.5 kg/155.3 lbs
2019 Diet Total Weight Loss12.8 kg/28.2 lbs
2020 Diet Start Date05/10/2020
2020 Diet Start Date Weight87.5 kg/192.7 lbs
Duration of Gap254 days/37 weeks/8.5 months
Total Weight Gain17.0 kg/37.4 lbs
Average Gaining Weight Rate0.468 kg/week or 1.031 lbs/week