2020 Training Week 16 (14/09/2020 to 20/09/2020)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs

Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 4 run activities this week. On Wednesday (16/09) I had a tempo 11K run with the following averages: (11.01 K, 5:04 min/km, 175 bpm, 15m elevation gain). On Thursday (17/09) I had a 13K run with the following averages: (13.01 K, 5:42 min/km, 154 bpm, 23m elevation gain). On Saturday (19/09) I had a 13K run with the following averages: (13.01 K, 5:55 min/km, 149 bpm, 23m elevation gain). On Sunday (20/09) I had a 16K run with the following averages: (16.00 K, 5:40 min/km, 153 bpm, 37m elevation gain).

1415Tempo 11K13K Run1813K Run16K Run53.0 km
76.0 kg75.9 kg76.3 kg75.7 kg76.1 kg75.9 kg76.1 kg

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) activities were (51, 51, 52, 52) ml/kg/min respectively. My weekly totals this week were 53.0 km run and 112,061 steps.

About individual runs

On Wednesday (16/09): It was my first run with my new running jacket and I was totally satisfied with that. It was very soft and fully breathable and I had a comfortable run with it. I didn’t fully close the zipper as it made me very hot. It was my 6th run with my new (replaced) heart rate monitor and I am much more satisfied with the replaced heart rate monitor as the data looks more reasonable to me compared to the older one. Today, my (average, max) heart rate went as high as (175, 189) bpm where I occasionally had this experience with my older heart rate monitor. During all of the three years that I was training with my old HRM Run, 175 average heart rate was something very normal, but with my new (previous one) heart rate monitor, 175 bpm was too high for me. Therefore I had difficulty with my previous heart rate monitor to set up my training zones but I hope the situation would be different with the new (replaced) heart rate monitor. Also the old one was bothering my skin a lot vs the replaced one that I am happy with it. It was a good run today where I had a 10K sub 51 min run without too much effort and also just in the second week of the new set of training. In my training plan it was supposed to be a general aerobic run but I did an intense (lactate threshold) run, so I have to make an adjustment in my future runs (instead of running a 13K lactate threshold run, run a 13K general aerobic run in future). Now that my new paces in the Killarney track and field are so close to my old paces there, I got the answer to my question that why my paces in the Central park didn’t make sense to me, it was mainly because of the location (both the terrain and GPS connection affected the result negatively)

On Thursday (17/09): I had this 13K run with average heart rate 154 bpm (about 82% HR Max) and therefore it would count as a 13K endurance (74%-84% HR Max) run. While I already had a lactate threshold run this week, it just remains a 13K General Aerobic (70%-81% HR Max) run and a 16K endurance run. Run was a comfortable one and nothing serious to mention about it.

On Saturday (19/09): My average heart rate was 149 bpm (79% HR max) and therefore as planned, it was a general aerobic (70%-81% HR max) run. The final average pace was very high 5:55 min/km and during the run, it was very tempting for me to run it faster but I had it in my mind that I have a 16K endurance run tomorrow and I have to save my energy for tomorrow too, so I tried to keep my heart rate low but I guess the final average heart rate (79% HR max) was still too high for this run. At the end of the 11th km, my average pace was 5:58 min/km and I decided to run the remaining 2km a little bit faster to make sure my final average pace would be below 6:00 min/km. Therefore my last 2 laps were slightly faster than the other ones i.e. 5:43 min/km and 5:39 min/km respectively.

On Sunday (20/09): I had this run with average heart rate 153 bpm (81% HR max) and therefore as planned, it was an endurance run (74%-84% HR max). At first, I had difficulty getting out of home and doing the run because I was still tired from yesterday’s 13K run but I told myself that I would run it slow maybe just with 74% HRmax (140 bpm) or as slow as 6:00 min/km. I also told myself that even if you are tired, you have to do the run because it’s in your training plan and you need it for your success. People do lots of things when they are tired because they need it for their success. I also got motivation from my father when he does a lot of physical work at the age of 70 without complaining about the situation. Anyways I successfully started the run with the aid of those thoughts and like always, things are easier when you are in it rather than when you think about it. I am still surprised how I did the run with average heart rate 81% HR max (average pace 5:40 min/km). That sounds too fast to me after a (79% HRmax) 13K run. I also want to mention that before the run, I told myself if I want to finish the 16K run in 90 min or so, my average pace should be 5:37 min/km and at the end of the run, my total time was 1:30’:45’’ which is so close to 90 min desired time.