2020 Training Week 19 (23/11/2020 to 29/11/2020)

Activity Details in Google Sheets

Activity Schedule in Google Docs

Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 4 run activities this week. On Tuesday (24/11) I had an 11K run with the following averages: (11.01 K, 5:51 min/km, 161 bpm, 104m elevation gain). On Thursday (26/11) I had a 14K run with the following averages: (14.00 K, 6:35 min/km, 147 bpm, 102m elevation gain). On Friday (27/11) I had an incomplete tempo 3K run with the following averages: (2.72 K, 5:44 min/km, 157 bpm, 14m elevation gain). On Sunday (29/11) I had a 16K run with the following averages: (16.01 K, 5:35 min/km, 161 bpm, 32m elevation gain).

2311K Run2514K RunTempo 3K Incomplete2816K Run43.7 km
75.4 kg75.8 kg75.5 kg76.8 kg76.2 kg76.2 kg76.2 kg

VO2Max and weekly mileage

My VO2Max this week in my (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday) activities were (48, 48, 49, 49) ml/kg/min respectively. My weekly totals this week were 43.7 km run and 78,614 steps

About individual runs

On Tuesday (24/11): It was supposed to be a general aerobic run (70-81% HRMax) and before the run I decided to have it with a final average pace 6:00 min/km. Immediately after starting the run, I felt that I needed to change my training field again and run in the Langara Golf Course because I was a bit down and couldn’t run in a boring field (my regular training field) for the entire 11 kilometers. While passing the 49th avenue, I had to stop my run two times for a total of 53 seconds and it is almost clear (at least the first stop) in my running heart rate diagram! Running in the golf course with it’s own uphills and downhills, it is difficult to manage your pace and your heart rate so again like in my last run, I decided not to carefully monitor my pace and therefore my final average pace was a little bit faster than my desired pace (5:51 min/km vs 6:00 min/km). As a result, my final average heart rate (86% HRMax) was also higher than the desired range (70-81% HRMax). Therefore, I experienced overtraining the day after this run which I was tired all the time during the day. I postponed my 14K endurance run from Wednesday (the day after this run) to Thursday and on Wednesday I even didn’t have my daily walk. This is why I should really stay committed to my own training plan and avoid overtraining but sometimes it happens and in this run, I really didn’t believe I was running too fast for it! The other thing that I wanted to mention today is about the weather condition and the conditions of the terrain! I usually never complain about the situation, but after this run I told myself multiple times during the day that it is really difficult to stay committed to a training plan in rainy cold days with muddy roads which makes your entire shoes and clothes muddy! I am still grateful for living in Vancouver where I can easily run in fall and winter without too much trouble for it. I know it is almost impossible to run on the roads during the same time of the year on the east coast!

On Thursday (26/11): In my training plan, it was a 14K endurance (74-84% HRMax) run. After overtraining in my latest run, for this run I strictly decided to work with my heart rate and disregard my running pace completely ! I also decided to run in my regular training field (around Columbia park) because it had less uphills and downhills and it was easier to manage your pace and heart rate in it compared to Langara Golf Course. It was a good run until the end of kilometer 5 where at that point, both of my feet started to feel numb and it continued for 2-3 kilometers. After that, fortunately things got back to normal! My final average heart rate was 79% HRMax and my final average pace was 6:35 min/km. I am really surprised how I was able to manage my run that slow such that my final average heart rate was in the desired range! Previously, as long as my pace was slower than a certain one (usually around 6:00 or 6:15 min/km for endurance runs) I was considering my runs safe no matter what my heart rate was, but after overtraining in my last run, I changed my method! In fact after my last run, I decided to strictly stay in the desired heart rate zone so that I would be able to avoid overtraining in the long term! Based on those explanations, it was an awesome run today and I was successfully able to manage my run as an endurance one (a real endurance one actually :D) ! I also want to mention the conditions of the terrain! This time it was way better compared to the last run and I didn’t get muddy at all! It was still a bit cold (average temperature 10.6 C) but no rain during my run!

On Friday (27/11): I started this run as a tempo 13K run and I planned to do it with a final average pace faster than 6:00 min/km up to whatever my heart rate allows me (80-91% HRMax) It was dark at night and the field was not visible properly. Also in my former runs around the columbia park, I had the negative experience of being close to fall down during the day but fortunately it actually didn’t happen. This run the story was different. In the first few minutes of the run I totally fell down on the ground but I let it go and started to continue my run. Again after a little while and for the second time, I fell down on the ground this time way harder in a way that both my hands and a little bit of my right knee got bloody! I made the right decision and didn’t continue the run, particularly because it was a tempo run and it was likely that I would fall down furthermore during the run. I was pretty down that night and partially the day after that but fortunately I quickly recovered. One of my main concerns was to find a new field for my training because there is nothing good around my neighbourhood but I also made a decision on that and decided to take a skytrain for my runs to the seawall and run there. I had the experience of running there for literally thousands of kilometers and fortunately nothing happened to me at all so it’s definitely safe to run there. The only problem is about timing where I have to spend 20 min to get there and 20 min to get back but I guess it’s worth it first and also I have no other option so lets stay motivated for the runs and choose the best field which is along the seawall.

On Sunday (29/11): It was my first run after my injury on Friday. I pushed myself hard to change my training field from Columbia park to a new place and I finally did it. I took the Canada line skytrain to the olympic village station and went to run along the seawall from there. The last time I was running along the seawall was a few years ago and it was such a pleasure to run there again. I believe you would have a better performance by running along the seawall compared to a closed loop like Columbia park because in the seawall you are free to improve your pace anytime you need vs in a closed loop you frequently need to turn and change your direction and that would reduce your speed and your performance a lot. Since I didn’t complete my last 13K tempo run, I was behind my weekly mileage for 10km, so I planned in my mind to have a half marathon in this run instead of a regular 16K run. Therefore, I continued to run along the seawall for almost 11K when I turned back at that point (2x11km~half marathon). I also planned to do a sub two hours half marathon so I tried to keep my pace about 5:40 min/km. After about 15km, I noticed that for a 16K endurance run in my training plan, maybe it’s not a good idea to both run it faster and farther (I was worried about injury and overtraining) so I just decided to keep my pace steady for the rest of the run and instead finish the run after just 16km. I successfully finished the run after 16 km with a final average pace 5:35 min/km and final average heart rate 86% HRMax. Therefore this run was a little bit faster than an endurance run (2% HRMax faster) and in the correct range of a lactate threshold run (80-91% HRMax). As a result, this run would partially compensate for my missed lactate threshold run in my training plan on Friday. Therefore everything was in place for this week’s training except a lack of 10km in my weekly mileage. At the end of the run, I noticed I had a little bit of nipple bleeding from both sides during my run.