My Academic Background


I can divide the development of my academic background into three levels. In each level my focus was mainly on Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and finally Programming respectively.
I started my undergrad studies with Mechanical Engineering. After obtaining my B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, due to my old passion in mathematics particularly during training for mathematics olympiad, I started another bachelor in mathematics. During my bachelor’s in mathematics and in the first nine months of my master’s degree at UBC, my main focus was on mathematics which I explained in detail below.
After leaving the UBC Harmonic Analysis Group to the “Complex Fluid Lab” in the UBC Institute Of Applied Mathematics, I officially started my journey in Programming and Mathematical Modeling. I continued that journey in my Ph.D. study at University of Toronto and after that until today.

Engineering Background

  • Mechanical Engineering courseworks taken
  • Internships: Two undergrad internships at Safi Aran Company. 
  • Mechanical Engineering Thesis explained in mathematical modelling section

Mathematics Background

  • Obtaining silver medal in mathematical olympiad:
  • Bachelor’s thesis: In my thesis, I was working on Banach Spaces and properties of a subspace of it called “Infinite Dimensional Banach Spaces” which is a branch of Functional Analysis.
  • Mathematics courses taken
  • Membership in UBC Harmonic Analysis Group for nine months: I started my grad studies in the Harmonic Analysis Group of the Mathematics Department Of UBC where I could find answers to many of my questions related to my research in Banach Space Theory.

Mathematical Modelling

  • Fundamental Knowledge of Mathematical Modeling in both solid and fluid mechanics
  • Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Thesis: My thesis was about “Vibration Analysis Of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Beams Using The Third Order Shear Deformation Theory”, which was a problem in Elasticity and Shear Deformation Theory . You can find a summary of my thesis here.
  • M.Sc. Thesis in Fluid Dynamics and Chaotic Advection
    • Title: “Effect of Geometry On The Behavior Of Steady Newtonian Fluid In a Multiply Connected Domain”
    • Numerical techniques applied: Spectral Methods, Compact finite differences,
    • Fluid dynamic concepts applied: Convection-Diffusion equation, Navier-Stokes equation, Biharmonic equation, Vorticity equation, 
    • Official thesis here, Updated version here 
  • Research in My Ph.D. program at University of Toronto in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) field

Programming Background

  • Supervisor of Matlab Labs for two years for Mech358 at UBC:
  • Scientific Computing for physicists course at University of Toronto, Topics covered: C++, Modular programming, Building tools, Debugging, Version Control, I/O, Random numbers and Monte Carlo, Super computing, Parallel programming, gpu computing, 
  • Thorough knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms by solving hundreds of problems mainly in Python
  • Knowledge of CSS and HTML by working on my own website