• Hannah Bailey

    Ryan was an encouraging, clear, kind, and incredible teacher.  I worked with him for the second half of Differential Calculus (UBC Math 100) after having struggled with the first half of the course.  Ryan enabled me to understand not only the concepts in Math 100, but also useful methods for approaching calculus problems in general.  He was a very adaptable teacher, and he always ensured that we focused on the areas of the course that I found to be the most difficult.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ryan, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone studying math!

  • Josh Moscovitz

    Ryan was a fantastic tutor that played a crucial role in guiding me through my Math 184 (Differential Calculus for Commerce) course at UBC. The class is known to be difficult and I struggled to understand the concepts early on, however, Ryan’s extensive knowledge on the subject allowed me to think about these concepts in new ways where I could understand them. Ryan always had a positive attitude  and his creative and organized notes and study tips were extremely helpful. I’m beyond grateful for the dedication he put into allowing me to enjoy and succeed in the course. 

  • Mruthula Narayan

    Ryan was an extremely kind, patient and amazing teacher. I worked with him for Math 100, a course that I really struggled with at UBC. Ryan helped me gain a deeper understanding of all the concepts and broke down difficult problems into clear, step-by-step methodologies. During our sessions, he highlighted key points to make it easier for revision and identified areas where I tended to make mistakes to ensure that I avoided making them in exams, which was an effective approach. Thanks to him, I became confident with the course material and was able to perform better on my final exam. I am grateful to have had Ryan as my teacher, and I would certainly recommend him to any students taking Math!

  • Simar Dhillon

    Ryan is one of the best calculus tutors I have ever had! I strongly resonated with his teaching style and found his breaking down of each problem to be really effective in finding out how to approach different types of problems. I also appreciated how he pointed out similar patterns in certain problems, so it became easy to solve problems that had more or less the same underlying structure. With an organized and hands on approach to tutoring, I really improved my understanding of calculus as a whole. 

  • Kiana Nariman

    Ryan was a very engaging and helpful tutor. I had Ryan as my tutor for math 104 and before I met Ryan, I was very used to memorization of mathematical methods. Ryan went through step by step solutions and his thorough knowledge of the material, really helped me to approach in a different way and to understand the concepts and problem-solving methods. Ryan was very organized, respectful and flexible with scheduling sessions. Overall, he was very good support in my first year at UBC. He was truly dedicated and passionate when teaching and that also made me more interested in the time that I was studying. 

  • Cedric Chin

    I hired Ryan as my private tutor for MATH 180 and MATH 101, during our time working together I noticed that he was extremely flexible and organized at teaching. Ryan explains concepts creatively (as opposed to adhering to the textbook) which aids in their retention for midterms and finals. Additionally, whenever we came across an important concept, Ryan would be sure to highlight and label it to aid in studying later. I found him to be an effective and creative tutor.

  • Eric Lai

    Ryan was my private tutor and taught me calculus (UBC courses Math 184 and Math 105). As challenging as the subject is, Ryan is innovative in teaching in that he finds and teaches easier ways to solve problems rather than stubbornly following the textbook. I would describe him as a patient, encouraging and innovative teacher.

  • Nicole Leith

    Ryan started tutoring me in first year differential and integral calculus when the content started to become challenging. Ryan was reliable, flexible, and easy to communicate with. Ryan’s teaching method was particularly effective for me as he would write down the steps to solving problems and allow you to keep these notes. These were beneficial to refer to when preparing for the midterms or final exam. I would highly recommend Ryan as he was patient and willing to explain concepts in more ways than one in order to gain a full understanding of them.

  • Amy Leith

    Ryan was my tutor for both my first year calculus classes, differential and integral. A friend I shared a class with recommended him to me. Ryan was very helpful with understanding basics to then tackle more difficult problems. He would do the questions with me, review the question a second time if necessary, and gave helpful strategies to solve questions. Ryan was very reliable and flexible with what questions I wanted to do. I would definitely recommend Ryan to others.

  • Tipoto O.

    Ryan is a really good teacher and he helped me learn a lot during my times with him. He made the concepts seem easier by breaking them down to step by step problems and going through them at my pace. I learned more with Ryan in my sessions with him than in all my lectures. Thank you for all your help, Ryan!