2014 Training Week 8 (23/06/2014 to 29/06/2014)

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Summary of this week’s activities

First, let’s review my activities during this week. I had 3 runs and 2 swims during this week. On Monday (23/06) I had a 1.5 km lap swimming with average pace 2:24 min/100m. On Tuesday (24/06) I had a 5K Race with the following averages: (5.01 K, 4:19 min/km, 183 bpm). On Wednesday (25/06) I had a Running Room 10.73K run with the following averages: (10.73 K, 5:11 min/km, 158 bpm). On Thursday (26/06), I had a 800m lap swimming with average pace 2:30 min/100m. Finally on Sunday (29/06) I again had a Running Room 8.27K run with the following averages (8.27 K, 4:56 min/km, 177 bpm). The recent run was an incomplete group run that I burned out in the middle of the run.

1.5K Lap Swimming5K Race11K run800m Lap Swimming27288K run24.0  km Run 2.3 km Swim

My weekly mileage

My weekly mileage this week was 24.0 km run and 2.3 km swim. Again based on this article, my two swimming activities are equal with a 9.2 km run therefore my total weekly activities are equal with 33.21 km run. Comparing it with the last week’s weekly mileage of 29 km, we observe a 14.5 % increase in weekly mileage which is OK.

Comparing activities to see my improvement

There are two activities that are very suitable for comparing them with each other. My run on 29/06 with the following averages: (8.27 K, 4:56 min/km, 177 bpm, 178 elevation gain) compared to my run on 11/06 with the following averages: (10.01 K, 5:05 min/km, 177 bpm, 151 elevation gain).

These two activities were both with the Running Room on the same terrain (Vancouver Stanley Park) so elevation gain in both of them were almost the same. We assume the length of activities were both equal with each other, however there is a 1.74K difference between them. Fortunately my effort in both of them were the same (177 bpm vs 177 bpm for average heart rate).

We observe my pace improved from 5:05 min/km to 4:56 min/km. That’s a 0:09 min/km improvement which is equals with 2.95 % improvement in 18 days and it’s pretty good.

Response of my body to the level of activities

As I increased the level of my activities recently, my body responded to it in a certain way. I was mainly tired and needed to sleep much more compared to past and I also needed to eat more. I was talking to Jason in the Running Room about it and he advised me just to listen to what my body tells me, if it needs more sleep just sleep more, if you feel more hungry just eat more and etc. I was thinking more about this matter and noticed that was a pretty wise advise.