• 2023 Training Week 1 (05/01/2023 to 05/07/2023)

    This week, I completed three running activities, covering a total distance of (31.3 km, 19.4 miles) and taking a total of 137,149 steps. Here are the details of my running activities for this week:

    DateDayActivity LinkTimeDistance (km,mile)Ave. Pace (min/km,min/mile)Ave. HR (bpm)Elevation gain (m,ft)VO2MaxWeight (kg,lb)Steps
    05/06/2023Saturday10K Run1:06:26(10.25km, 6.37mile)(6:29min/km, 10:26min/mile)153(84m, 275ft)47(75.4kg,166.1 lb)31980
    05/04/2023Thursday10K Run1:02:29(10.51km, 6.53mile)(5:57min/km, 9:34min/mile)164(78m, 256ft)47(75.5kg,166.3 lb)24800
    05/02/2023Tuesday10K Run1:01:41(10.54km, 6.55mile)(5:51min/km, 9:25min/mile)172(88m, 288ft)47(75.2kg,165.6 lb)23892