2016 Training Weeks 22-25 (15/10/2016 to 11/11/2016)

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In the last four weeks of 2016 training, I had unorganized, naked (without watch) training. Below is the summary of my training for that period of time:

Easy 68 min8Easy 64 minEasy 62 minEasy 9 min121338.5 km Run
311Easy 18 min34Easy 67 min615.8 km Run
Steady 51 min25Steady 40 min2728293018.1 km Run
Steady 60 min8 Steady runs (9K total)Steady 27 min20Steady 81 min22Steady 63 min56.8 km Run
1011121314Steady 1K161.4 km Run