2016 Training Summary (05/05/2016 to 11/11/2016)

Totals: 1118.5 Km Running, 33.2 Km Swimming

Running and Swimming Activity Details in Google Sheets,

Activity Schedule in Google Docs

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Easy 68 min08/11Easy 64 minEasy 62 minEasy 9 min12/1113/1138.5 km Run
31/1001/11Easy 18 min03/1104/11Easy 67 min06/1115.8 km Run
Steady 51 min25/10Steady 40 min27/1028/1029/1030/1018.1 km Run
Steady 60 min8 Steady runs (9K total)Steady 27 min20/10Steady 81 min22/10Steady 63 min56.8 km Run
10/1011/1012/1013/1014/10Steady 1K16/101.4 km Run
03/1004/1005/1006/1007/1008/1009/100.0 km Run
26/09Steady 16K run28/09Warm up Tempo 13K 30/0901/10Long 30K run62.0 km Run
Steady 16K runSteady 16K run21/09Warm up Tempo 13K23/09Speed run 15×400Long 20K run82.3 km Run
12/0913/0914/0915/09Long 26K run17/0918/0926.0 km Run
Long 26K 06/0907/09Speed 4×1200-400 walkSteady 16K10/0911/0955.4 km Run
29/0830/08Steady 16KEasy 5K Warm up Tempo 13K03/0904/0937.1 km Run
Long 26K23/08Easy runSpeed 400,800,1200,1600Steady 16K27/08Steady 19K74.0 km Run
Steady 11K16/0817/08Speed 4×1200-400 recovery19/08Warm up Tempo 13K21/0842.9 km Run
Easy 12KEasy 19KSteady 11K11/08Warm up Tempo 8K13/08Steady 22K (Fast)74.3 km Run
Rest WeekRest WeekRest WeekRest WeekWarm up Steady 8K06/08Easy 16K26.0 km Run
Rest WeekSUPSUP FireworksRest WeekRest WeekRest WeekRest Week2 SUP trips
Easy 13KEasy 16K (Failed Speed)20/07Easy 13KTempo 6KRest WeekRest Week54.8 km Run
Easy 16KHills Training 10×200Easy 5K Easy 6K14/0715/07Easy 16KEasy 16K70.1 km Run
Easy 3K 3K Swim  Easy 3K 300m Swim Easy 15KEasy 15K08/0709/07Easy 16K52.4 km Run3.3 km Swim
Easy 15KSpeed 4×1200-400 recoveryEasy 15K 300m SwimSpeed 4×1200-400 recovery 500m SwimEasy 15K 400m Swim02/07Easy 3K 2K Swim75.0 km Run3.2 km Swim
Tempo 6KEasy 15K 1K SwimEasy 15K 500m SwimSpeed 6×800-400 recoveryEasy 12K25/06Long 20K90.8 km Run1.5 km Swim
Easy 12K  1K Swim14/06Easy 15K 1K SwimEasy 15K 1K Swim16K run 1K SwimEasy 11K 500m Swim19/0669.8 km Run4.5 km Swim
06/0607/0608/06Easy 3K 500m Swim Easy 3KEasy 10KEasy 10KEasy 10K 500m Swim38.2 km Run1.0 km Swim
Easy Run31/05Easy Run 2K Swim Easy Run02/0603/0604/0605/068.0 km Run2.0 km Swim
23/0524/0525/05Easy Run27/052K Swim2K Swim Easy Run5.4 km Run4.0 km Swim
16/0517/051K Swim19/052K Swim21/052K Swim 50m Swim5.1 km Swim
09/052K Swim2K Swim2K Swim13/05SUPSUP6.0 km Swim2 SUP trips
02/0503/0504/05600m Swim06/0507/052K Swim2.6 km Swim

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